miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008


Awakened this dying season such a beauty to behold.
Oh autumn hath arrived a tragedy painted dead!
Fallen am I without nothing to say... I'm lost in a region of doleful shades.
I am withering away
I'd well in the shadows of life. A dismal state of mind, I'm in pain...
Oh sun I hate thy beams!
Leave me here to sleep and dream.
In the midst of falling leaves...In a garden of endless grief...I yearn for... my precious one.
"Beneath a pale grey sky I dream of your embrace"
How I wish I had you near in this ¡oh so dolorous life!
Where dreams turn to dust I have lost all my hope...Of lasting pain and distress in my world.
Is so silent there...
The sorrow of my soul, earthbound and cold, told me; I welcome to the Eternal sleep.
Silent advent of white death...I feel so cold!
Silent advent of white death...I feel so cold!
Crystallized tears falling still...Oh autumn hath died!
Enshrouded am I in thy mist of endless gloom
Enthralled am I by thy beauty.
How I wish how I wish!
In the midst of falling snow...In a garden of endless grief...My forlorn soul of misery.
Where peace and rest can never had well!
Hope never comes
I see no point in going on!
Still I dream but now I know: I dream a lie, so I close my eyes and I sigh.
A life of shattered dreams; I cannot longer be!I enter to the halls of eternal sleep...

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